Recruiting Escorts in Birmingham

Dear Ladies,

If you want to be part of our project and be a busy escort in Birmingham, read this and apply for a new job opportunity.

For us it doesn’t matter what is your background, where you are from or what was your last job. What matters here is to look astonishing, to be sexy, to have the manners of a lady and to know how to keep a conversation. Of course your background can help you, but we don’t care where you got these qualities from, as far as you got them. If you have some experience in escorting, that’s great. But if you don’t, we don’t care much. We believe you can be great at this if you are great with men and flirting comes natural to you.

For those girls and women with no experience in escorting.

Let me explain you a little bit about the job. First of all it is not a job as the meaning of the word job. You are not employed by us. You will work for yourself, more like a self-employed person. We will help you along the way, with advises, organizing, advertising and more. Whatever you need we can help you. But remember you are not going to work for us, but with us. Second thing, you will visit many great restaurants and dine for free, many cocktail bars and clubs and party for free. You will go out with many gentlemen and they will take care of you. In return you will be the lady that they want you to be and make them company. You will be yourself, sexy, beautiful, attractively dressed and well-mannered and great entertainer. Very important to mention is that you are not going to make sex with customers. This is an escort job, not prostitute.

How should an escort look like?

Models are welcome, looking like one with the perfect measures is great and it is a shame if you are not sharing it. You are born to make men happy and to tempt them. This job is not about making sex with customers, but looking good is important. But if you don’t have the perfect measures you may still have the charm that is needed to do the job. So don’t be shy and don’t underrate yourself, apply now and we will tell you if you are suitable. We are very objective and will never rule you out for being a little bit different or beautiful in your own way. In fact we believe that unique girls are more successful in being a Birmingham escort. So, not being a model and looking different maybe in your advantage. Apply now and don’t regret. Join our team and have fun while earning money that other people couldn’t imagine, by just being yourself.

Hot to become a Birmingham escort in ViberEscorts?

All you need is to drop us an e-mail including some free text about yourself and few pictures. It could include your measures and some info what do you like, what is your perfect date and more. We advise you that the pictures are professional and attractive. But if you don’t have any professional photos we can help you to make them after we approve you for advertising on We have some great photographers working with us.

Send us your application on our e-mail: