Why men in Birmingham prefer pretty blonde girls

The cliché that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is one of the truest sayings in the world. It is apparent that what one finds beautiful could be simply boring to someone else. However, we will all agree that Hollywood has set a certain standard for beauty. If you ask any girl out there to define who is beautiful they would probably describe Barbie the doll. She’s blonde, thin, tall and has blue eyes not to mention very pretty. This phenomenon is not just in the eyes of other women but in men too.

Social experiment with blonde and brunette women

According to a few studies ,men prefer pretty blonde girls over any other kind. In one, a woman was sent to the same bar as a blonde, brunette and as a red head. They reported that 60 men hit on Sexy blonde pretty girlher while she was blonde while 42 men approached when she was a brunette. The number of men who went for her as a red head was significantly low. Perhaps you are asking the question why men prefer pretty blonde girls, here is the answer;

They are rare

Shocking enough, only 2 percent of women in the world are naturally blonde. This means that in every 100 women there is only one blonde and hence she is easy to spot because she stands out. The psychology of men tells them to go for the unique and this is why they are attracted to pretty blondes. In this case,the reason why men prefer pretty blonde girls is because they are predisposed to select the odd parameters in many.

They shine and glow

Apparently men like things that are shiny. You may think this is about cars and toys only but they really actually like even their women to shine. Blonde hair tends to have that glossy look and it shines when exposed to the sun. Blondes have shiny soft skin and men loves that when touching their soft skin. Guys love to date pretty blonde girls with shiny skin via Escorts in Birmingham

They are wild and crazy

This is completely false but men believe that pretty blondes are dumb. This makes it easy for men to lie and conquer them. The feel that they are air heads means they also don’t have much self-Sexy pretty girlconfidence since they know all they have is their looks so they go for any guy who comments on their looks. If there was any doubt why men prefer pretty blonde girls it’s because they are easy. This is rarely true but men believe it anyway.

They are fun and attractive

The main reason why men prefer pretty blonde girls is because they are fun and easy going. This could indeed be true because serious women prefer to have dark hair. Hollywood has us thinking that all those fun pretty girls you see wearing bikinis on the beach are blondes. Pretty blonde girls are free spirits and they live one day at a time. Blonde escorts in Birmingham are fun and entertaining for most of the guys.

They have young sexy look

Unlike with dark brunettes; blondes have light skin that shows every single feature. Blondness is widely associated with youth and this explains why men prefer pretty blonde girls. They are young, bubbly and they make the men feel young too.And since all of us love the notion of immortality,men cannot help but stare or ask for that crucial phone number or Twitter handle.

They are happy

The stereotype that pretty blonde women are happy all the time is actually true. It is practically impossible to meet a dull blonde girl. The fact that people like to associate with happiness may be a Pretty hot girl in bedbig factor in the puzzle of why men prefer pretty blonde girls. In Birmingham blonde escort girls are preferred by men because they are happy fun and guys like to enjoy time spent with them.

They are sexy and attractive

According to the cited research, men said that blonde girls are less likely to ignore or blast you away than brunettes. Men feel safe enough to go up to them and offer to buy a drink because they know they won’t be turned down. Brunettes, on the other hand, are more serious and reserved and don’t mind drinking alone. They are confident and non-approachable.

It’s clear why men prefer pretty blonde girls over brunettes and red heads. These girls are easy and fun, casting a golden light on everything their glow lands on. The only reason why men prefer pretty blonde girls is because they are fun for the moment. For a long time, males have always gone for things that stand out and sparkle, and blonde women are the epitome of beauty and uniqueness, making them effectively irresistible.

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