Why Are Redheads Called Gingers

Sexy Ginder GirlRed hair occurs naturally in just between 1% and 2% of the human population on earth. It is seen more frequently among the population of north and west European, and less frequently in other nationalities. We often refer to someone with a red hair as a redhead, but this term is also associated with pale skin, lighter blue or green eyes, freckles, and sensitivity to sun light.

Today, red hair or the so called redheads are mostly people from the northern and western parts of Europe. Most of us associate the redhead particularly with people from Britain, but as a fact they are common among Celtic and Germanic people.

In Scotland, 10% of the population have red hair and approximately 35% carry the recessive redhead gene and in Ireland the picture is the same. But the Irish are believed to carry the recessive redhead gene in 46% of them.

Many people can’t accept the different colours and shapes and they believe that it is a god’s decision to show us in obvious way something. That’s why redheads are believed to have fiery tempers and sharp tongues. Even worse thought is that they carry some sickness, being it a physical or mental.

Redheads Fashion Trends

In terms of fashion the red hair and being a redhead became popular Hot Redheadfor fist time, when Queen Elizabeth I of England was at the throne. She was a redhead, and it was fashionable for women to have the same hair colour. In modern times, red hair is subject to fashion trends, celebrities such as Emma Stone and Geri Halliwell as well as Nicole Kidman, Marcia Cross and Christina Hendricks are natural redheads and many women wants to imitate their style.

Who We Called Ginger

The word Ginger or Ginga in Britain are very often used to describe red-headed person and are sometimes considered insulting. But it is more referred to really pale skin, and contrast red hair and light, light eyes. In British humorous language, redheads are sometimes called carrot tops or carrot heads.

It is funny how in many film and television programmes you would see the school bullies and psychopaths as having red hair or being a pale ginger.

Why Do We Call Redheads Ginger

Ginger is from the Sanskrit language and it compound the words horn and body, and originally refers to, of course, the root of a tropical plant. Its first use referring a colour was regarding the Ginger Cockcocks at the end of the 18th century. It was actually not red colour it was more about sandy one. Looking at a ginger root, it’s not hard for anyone to see the similarity. By the middle 19th century is started being used to refer to people with sandy-coloured hair and over time, it eventually came to mean redheads in general. But ginger has never been only about the hair colour, it is the skin colour and eyes, but also refers to a certain temperament. The gingers are accepted as very aggressive and can not be outspoken. This would is completely not true, but the origin of that belief is perhaps because of the character of those ginger fighting cocks.
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