Dumb Things That You Can Do, During Summer

beach-girl-summer-hd-1896359Here I will try to point out all the mistakes during the summer that you can do. The trick is, during the hot months of the year to relax a little bit. But not too much, of course! It would be amazing not to miss some of the greatest things, which seems to be invented for these few months. And as the summer gets shorter and shorter in recent years, don’t make this dumb mistakes listed bellow. We all know, how short is our British summer. Some say that if you decide to rest and sleep for the weekend you may miss it. But we all have the privilege to live and work in one of the richest countries in the world and we can afford to go on a holiday everywhere. But lets stick to Europe for now. Where, in south summer goes for almost 5 months – May, June, July, August, September, all of them hot and relaxing.

1. Working – Working is a serious sin, when talking about the summer. Unfortunately you can’t take 3 months holiday, but remember that some free, happy people do. You have all the other 9 cold and rainy months to work hard and sweat, summer is the time to play hard. Time to throw some cash into the wind and get just pleasure out of it.

2. Being In A Serious Relationship – it is another nightmare. Of course it is sometimes good to be in a relationship. It gives you the security and free sex any time. But that’s just on theory. On practice you don’t want that sex any time, once a week is enough and in summer when flowers are blooming and hormones go high you want more. But with one of these girls with sexy shorts and no bra, with high heels and make up like in a MTV music awards. It is just a nightmare to be tied up and to feel guilty for even thinking about these naughty girls walking abound. And flirting…..pfff that is only for singles. So be one of them.

3. Not Going On A Summer Vacation – It is a horrible stupidity and/or injustice. By summer vacation I mean going to Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Mallorka, Mallaga and so on. Go to a place with a beach and lots of topless girls. Spa and chill mountains are for the old and married, for that reason go back to item 1 and read it again. Not going on a summer vacation is also a reason to have bad thoughts about your boss too. Summer vacation is the time and place to lay relaxed on the beach, to spread some oil on the back of some lady that you’ve just met, to drink Mojito in a small bar, to receive a sunburn, to find out that you don’t remember few nights how you got home… In general it’s not fair not to be there.

4. Decide To Be Alcohol Free For Few Months. This is a sin, a huge sin! One that you won’t forgive yourself for the rest of the year and will probably drink even more to take revenge. How, on mother earth, while everybody else is getting hammered you will be watching their humiliation and will be sipping a juice of fucking oranges…a Juice!?! How do you thing the rest will accept it, they will burn you in flames for that sin. But leave what they think, you will feel bored and lonely. Even your addiction to porn won’t save you. It is summer for fucks sake. Time to have fun. Leave the fasting for Easter and enjoy the summer, the drunken girls, the horny ladies, the hot sand and chill water. Enjoy all of them drunk. That’s my advise. Then go back to your boring life and stay clear for 40 days to clear your system of this poison.

5. To Put Yourself Under Home Custody – This is a thing that many people do, nevertheless they are in holidays or not. They just stay at home and don’t go anywhere. That probably makes them crazy, so don’t be one of them. Brake the ice, go out, meet people, make friends, fuck and lick…do all the nasty things that will pass with the summer and keep you warm in the winter.